invisible ink glasses poker-customplayingcardss

invisible ink glasses poker are the perfect solution to reading the ink marks on marked cheating card. These contact lenses don’t harm your eyes and won’t even charge your eyes. These invisible ink contacts can be worn in the exact same way that normal contact lenses. You will not be able to see your normal eye color. However, the invisible ink marks that appear on the backs of cards can be seen by other players. If you have the correct invisible ink contact lenses, you can win in casino or poker.

Our invisible ink contact lenses to cheating cards use silicone hydrogel, hydrated polymer and are therefore non-irritating. You can choose between hard or soft contact lenses for standard contacts. Because invisible ink lenses can be worn comfortably while reading marked cheating decks, they are also considered soft lenses. Our invisible ink card lenses are also compliant with the rules for contact lenses. This means that the most commonly used contact lens diameter range is 13.5mm-14.5mm. If the diameter is greater than this, it will impact the actual application. The central thickness also has an impact on comfort and wearability. Invisible ink contact lenses with a center thickness of 0.06mm can affect how sharp they are at reading cheating card decks. To read cheating decks of cards, invisible ink lenses with 0.06mm centers thickness will work well.

No matter what type of contact lens you have, they are both very easy to break. We must take extra care when handling the lenses to prevent damage from occurring during storage or use. Although there are many well-known contact lens care solutions like Bausch & Lomb, they are not suitable if you have invisible ink contacts. This is the biggest difference between regular contacts and cheating card lenses. Invisible contact lenses should only be stored in pure water. The packaging design is unique and transparent. It also includes the proper moisturizing pad. This will extend and protect the lifespan of the poker cards lens for cheating cards. Our invisible ink glasses poker get a lot of word-of-mouth referrals.